Welcome To Brightside Pizza

Jeremiah and Ashlee Bright, affectionately known as JJ and Ashlee, are the heart and soul behind Brightside Pizza and Beer in Los Osos, CA. With over 50 years of hospitality experience between them, their journey from bustling restaurant shifts to entrepreneurial success is a testament to their dedication and love for what they do.

Their decision to open Brightside Pizza and Beer was more than just business—it was about creating a haven where family and community converge. With their son Brayden by their side, they’ve built more than a pizzeria; they’ve created a home away from home.

Beyond their kitchen, the Brights are involved in the community, supporting various youth and charitable organizations such as The Achievement House, Habitat for Humanity and Save Cuesta Inlet. Their signature creation, “The Brightvibe,” reflects JJ’s culinary passion—a fun blend of flavors that embodies the spirit of Brightside. Creamy, sweet, and spicy, what more could you ask for?

As laughter fills the air and friendships are forged over slices of pizza, the Brights embrace warmth and hospitality. Brightside isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a celebration of love, family, and the joy of bringing people together.